A downloadable table-top game

Ordinary World is a Dice RPG where you assume the role of a common mortal in a fantasy world unlike any other, one in which Fate reigns supreme. Through Fate's trials and your own wit, become more than a mortal trapped in their Ordinary World.


  • Combat and Non-Combat options for a variety of adventures.
  • Exceptional character customization options with meaningful choices.
  • Simple or Advanced combat options for desired level of strategy.
  • Modular rule systems for beginners or advanced players.
  • Nine playable races
  • Mix & Match class system

Install instructions

The file is a full color pdf. Viewing it in browser or through Dropbox usually breaks the formatting. It is recommended that you download the PDF and view it using a PDF reader.

Please report any issues with the PDF or character sheet.


OWRPG_Core_v003.6.pdf (9 MB)
OWRPG_CharacterSheet_PDF_v005.1.pdf (661 kB)
OWRPG_CharacterSheet_PRINT_v005.1.pdf (445 kB)
Bestiary v000.1.zip (338 kB)

Development log