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Hey Adventurers!

Been a while since the last post or update. Secretly, I had planned to update once a week on Friday, but so far that's been shoddy at best. Rest assured work is continuing on the rules, which brings us to the 3.7 release.

No, no it's not read yet. 

What's the hold up? Well, spells received a major overhaul and are doubling in number. Previously, each color of spell had as much content as could fit on a single page, which was odd but worked well enough for magic. However, as spells were being implemented I felt myself, longing for more options to build spells. So I says to myself, "Aw, heck it." and did away with the one page limit. As of right now, each spell color is going to have two pages of content, with grey spells having almost four. That's, a lot of spells!

Speaking of spells, I've been tinkering with a way to assemble spells that's appealing to my rampant ADD. 

This Undertale-looking sheet is a symbol sheet for a flowchart program (specifically Libreoffice). Using these symbols one can easily plot out spell configurations and how they relate to each other and put a nifty name in. So far it's been working out really well and has given a lot of desperately needed feedback on the spell system. The funky font is just for my own personal aesthetic.

Anywho, before this update drags on too long, 3.7 will be available next week, after a quick trip to Japan.
Until then,

Jaa Mata~

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