Core Rules Update - 3.7 (The Magical Update)

Yay! Hooray! Woo!

It's been a while since the last official update, but 3.7 turned out to be much bigger than a few bug fixes. For starters, there are a few new vocations to mess around with that fulfill some basic needs in the system. Secondly, and this was the biggest grind, is that there is now twice as many spells as before. Seriously, the spell library is pretty big now. Over 300 single spells for sure that can be combined with each other and augmented to create even more spells. There's enough spells to keep just about anyone busy for hours with spell crafting alone.

That said, as many spells as there are listed in the core book, it is far from a comprehensive list of all magics in the Known World.

With that massive update out of the way, it's time to take it easy and relax  START TESTING AGAIN.

Hopefully that goes well.

Until next time~

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