Bestiary Update v002

Heyo Mal-intended Fates!

Today the new Bestiary is being released. It's a more streamlined version of the previous bestiary, with care given towards categorization and more standard and easier to read monster entries. Each entry has stats, skills, armor, spells, speed and special rules for each monster; as well as some basic info and a blog post. This, for now, is the common way to write and publish monster entries. This also means that new monsters can be added with relative ease, so the previous promise stands: One new monster per week. The other part of the promise was a new trap as well.  The trap entries still have to be standardized, but for now a new disease can be added in its stead.

The gist of it is: there will be a lot more documented nasties to encounter in the Known World, and hopefully this will provide more insight on how the overall system works.

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