Weekly Hazard Update 01

No progress on the game this week. Trying to cobble together a campaign to test mechanics is a lot harder when also trying to make it entertaining and interesting.

However... There is an update for brave adventurers this week!

The "bestiary" has been updated to include a recorded afflictions section where unfortunate travelers record their awful experiences with even more awful diseases and conditions. Thus far, all of the scattered afflictions in the core rulebook have been added with the addition of "The Red Fuzz" a fungus that grows in open wounds (ick!) and "Lycanthropy" which turns people into werewolves or kills them in the process.

And what would lycanthropy be without werewolves? (or did I get that backwards?) This week's monster is the werewolf! Hope you've got a lot of heirloom silverware to melt down.

From this point forward, the bestiary version will be the date released, so it's easy to know when the bestiary was last updated.

Until next week y'all~

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