Weekly Hazard Update 02

Sorry for the delay folks, but without further delay, the weekly hazard update!

This version of the bestiary offers two new monsters that work together: The timid and cowardly bugaboo, and the big scary bugbear. Bugaboos are a minor nuisance to travelers, who tend to ignore the ugly sniveling little things. Bugbears however, a huge smelly monsters who gather bugaboos up, whip them into shape, and send them out to raid camps and caravans. Alone they're nothing more than a minor threat, but together they make a dangerous encounter for low-level adventurers.

Also included is the condition known as Illusionary Echo in which character who have suffered from a heinous illusion experience the illusion over and over again. How dreadful!

This concludes the hazard update for the week. Next update might be a while since there's this Thanksgiving thing going on. Don't know whose idea it was to schedule that for this week but, cest la vie.

Til next time! 


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Nov 20, 2017

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