Release Day

Hello Friends!

Today, Ordinary World is now available for you to download and browse. The PDF contains all of the core rules, currently available vocations, spells, talents, just about everything you need to make a character and all of the rules to play the game. This version, 3.6 is a WORK IN PROGRESS, meaning there is still content to add and rule changes to be made.

Ordinary World is currently completely free to download and distribute to your player group. Also available are a few sample monsters to get the ball rolling on creating your own. Download the rules, the character sheet and get started in the Ordinary World!

If you or your group has any feedback, comments, suggestions, or general ideas, head on over to the forums and make yourself heard. Also you can hit Kitsunami up with an email:

Look forward to hearing from you!

Til next time...


OWRPG_Core_v003.6.pdf 9 MB
Aug 16, 2017

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