Character Sheet Upgrade

There's been a streamlining and upgrade to the character sheet that includes a "Progression Sheet" which lets you keep track of your protagonist's levels, per level. It also has a line for the character's motivation and a small section to keep track of goals. Additionally there are now two versions of the character sheet. One for print and one that is semi-automated for PDF only, though you can print that too once you've filled in all the data. Both are attached to this post and available on the main page.

Not much to say on the rules front. I've been hesitant to make any serious changes without proper testing. I have ideas for more vocations, but I don't want to muddy the tests with over the top vocations when the basic choices still need to be shaken up. Although there are still more in the works such as the Berserker and the Enchanter which probably should have been in the initial release. Alas.

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, feel free to drop a line to or start a thread over on the community forums.


OWRPG_CharacterSheet_PDF_v005.1.pdf 661 kB
Aug 25, 2017
OWRPG_CharacterSheet_PRINT_v005.1.pdf 445 kB
Aug 25, 2017

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